Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography

Consortium for World Czech Literary Studies Resources

The Consortium for World Czech Literary Studies Resources was established in 2015 during the Fifth Congress of World Czech Literary Studies. This umbrella network aims to connect Czech studies centres internationally and create a forum for their collaboration. Consortium activities are coordinated by the Institute of Czech Literature together with an advisory board of representatives from participating institutions. The board meets once every five years at the International Czech Studies Congress. As part of the Consortium’s  work, the CLB collects bibliographical information about the publications of Czech studies centres abroad along with more general records of Czech literature internationally. These data are published in the CLB databases. Researchers from partner institutions are encouraged to apply for a month-long research placement at the ICL based on a Zdeněk Pešat fellowship

To learn more about the Consortium for World Czech Literary Studies Resources, please contact konsorcium@ucl.cas.cz

List of participating institutions: