Bibliography of Czech Literature 1945–1960

Bibliography of Czech Literary Studies 1945–1960. Methodological aspects of the article bibliography and their application in practice

(Czech Ministry of Culture, NAKI programme, Code: DF12P01OVV011, 2012–2015)


This applied output project involves the compilation of a Czech literary studies article bibliography for the 1945–1960 period, which has previously been the only one to remain unrecorded in institute sources. Total excerption of approximately 130 journal, magazine and daily titles is planned. The new excerption is being published on an ongoing basis here.


On the basis of this excerption and the ICL's other experience with compiling and managing article bibliography databases, a methodology for compiling a specialist article bibliography will also be created in an attempt to summarize the procedures for excerpting and compiling an article bibliography, both emphasizing the special nature of the literary studies material and highlighting the opportunities for compiling an article bibliography in general. The second proposed methodology emerging from this excerption involves systematically dealing with the previously neglected issues surrounding initialisms and their decipherment.


Project outputs:

Methodology for compiling a specialist bibliography 
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Methodology for identifying authors behind initialisms and pseudonyms in the periodical press

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