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Literary Web Bibliography Section

The Literary Web Bibliography Section formed during the Czech Literary Internet project (2017–2021), which was co-funded by the EU Research, Development and Education Operational Programme. The group aims to chart literary activities on the Czech internet from the 1990s to the present with a focus on electronic sources, Czech pdfs and online magazines and websites about Czech literary culture and literature. Much of its work can be found at the Czech Literary Web Bibliography. The team includes temporary staff and more experienced bibliographers who also deal with current print publications. One important area of their work is the development and ongoing integration of procedures for handling online content so that it meets the requirements of analytical bibliography. The lack of these established methods has long been an issue across the bibliographic profession including at national level. The group also cooperates with other organisations, particularly the Polish Literary Bibliography centre. The fruits of this partnership include two studies of methodological issues for bibliographers of web-based materials. This research was first presented at international conferences (in Prague and Turin) and later published in academic journals (e.gGrey Journal and Česká literatura).

Head: Mgr. Pavla Hartmanová, Ph.D.

Contact address: bibint@ucl.cas.cz

Mgr.  Sára Dvořáková
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PhDr. Jakub Flanderka, Ph.D.
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Mgr. Lucie Halabrínová
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Mgr. Pavla Hartmanová, Ph.D.
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Mgr. Iveta Mikešová
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Bc. Tereza Pulcová
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Mgr. Marta Škubalová
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Bibliographical data experts in Prague

On November 8–12, 2021, a meeting of the working group for bibliographical data of the DARIAH-ERIC consortium took place at the Institute of Czech Literature of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Nine experts from Finland, Hungary, Germany, and Poland attended the meeting together with representatives of the host research infrastructure Czech Literary Bibliography. read more

12. 11. 2021

Conference: Electronic Library Services

On May 18—19, an online conference Electronic Library Service VI will take place. The event is organized by František Bartoš Regional Library in Zlín. The event will focus on online services, digital libraries, web and mobile apps, e-reading, library systems, virtual assistants in libraries, online education, and advanced library services. read more

11. 5. 2021
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