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Global Trajectories of Czech Literature Since 1945

By combining large-scale informed analysis (Big Data) and qualitative methods of translation sociology and history, this project aims to map the global circulation of Czech literature in book form since 1945.

To analyse literary flows, we will develop concepts of translation channels and individual trajectories and challenge the binary opposition of official vs. non-official Czech literature during the Cold War era.

We will propose a more balanced, dynamic and multi-layered model that will account for individual experiences and decisions as well as the diversity of Czech literature and its international circulation patterns in turbulent post-WWII Europe, including the Cold War, the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, globalisation and the ongoing European integration.

Qualitative studies will explore the links between distant reading and agency-based or text-based analyses of translation. This project will provide a new and comprehensive understanding of the recent history of Czech literature in translation and explore innovative digital methods of investigating global literary flows and systems.

Publications and presentations

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