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1 000 new entries in the exile database

This week the team of the Czech Literary Exile 1948–1989 project processed the 1000th new entry into the Czech Literary Exile database, which together with the bibliographic compendium of František Knopp now contains more than 10,150 entries.

Newly, you can find articles from the journals Archa (Munich), Studie (Rome), Modrá revue (Rotterdam) or the weekly Čechoslovák (London).


The five-year project Czech Literary Exile 1948–1989 has been running since the beginning of March this year together with the Museum of Czech Literature and is our second project supported by the Ministry of Culture from the NAKI III Programme – a programme to support applied research in the field of national and cultural identity for the years 2023 to 2030.

In addition to the preparation of a specialised database mapping the production of Czech literary exile, our aim in this project is, for example, to create a thematic interactive map that will present the individual entities of exile literary life in a spatiotemporal context.