Welcome to the website of the Czech Literary Bibliography, which for almost 70 years has been under construction at the Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences, a public research institute. The Czech Literary Bibliography comprises a set of bibliographical databases updated on an ongoing basis, which systematically reflect cultural journalism and specialist texts on Czech literature and literary life in the Czech lands.

Open access

All of the sources of Czech literary bibliography are for its users available on this webpage without any restrictions.

  • The parameters of the Databases

    The parameters of the ICL Bibliographical Databases (chronologically covering the period from 1770 to the present, dealing with approximately 1,500 titles and over two million records) make them the most extensive specialist bibliography in the Czech Republic. The interconnected Czech Literary Figures database of individuals includes basic biographical details for some 40,000 figures in literary life. During 2014 the complete set successfully underwent an assessment by the Czech Ministry of Education and under the title Czech Literary Bibliography (CLB) it was included with effect from 2016 in the Roadmap of large Czech infrastructures for research, experimental development and innovation. CLB activities centre around the compilation, systematic utilization and further ongoing development of bibliographical, biographical and auxiliary ICL databases.

  • Visits

    Visitor statistics for individual CLB databases indicate that annual infrastructure usage exceeds 55,000 visits (based on statistics from 2013) and continues to rise. On average approximately 20% of CLB database users comprise researchers from abroad, some 50% are students in higher education, 25% are researchers and the rest are media professionals and the cultured public.

  • How to cite

    The CAS Institute of Czech Literature continues to provide all internet resources free of charge. The inclusion of the Czech Literary Bibliography in the Czech Roadmap of large research infrastructures for research, experimental development and innovation 2016–2022 entails a newly introduced obligation to quote these sources. 

    Hence by entering any of the databases the user undertakes to refer to them in every publication, qualifying dissertation, doctoral thesis or habilitation thesis in the following recommended form:


    ''This work required usage of Czech Literary Bibliography research infrastructure resources (http://clb.ucl.cas.cz).''


    The citation is to be made in a suitable place: in the case of a study in the first footnote or explanatory note after the text and the like; in the case of a book publication in the edition or bibliographical note, in the introduction to the bibliography listing and the like.

    Since 2016 the activities of the Czech Literary Bibliography research infrastructure have been supported by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as part of its operations to support research infrastructures (Project Code LM2015059).

Činnost výzkumné infrastruktury Česká literární bibliografie je od roku 2016 podporována Ministerstvem školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy v rámci aktivit na podporu výzkumných infrastruktur (kód projektu LM2015059).

Bibliography of Czech literary studies

(from 1945)

This database includes excerption from the 1945–1960 period and from the period following 1st August 2012 and the converted bibliographical databases in the ISIS system:

- Bibliography of Czech Literary Studies 1961–2012,

- Czech Exile Database,

- the RET Database.

Czech literature in exile – CLE


Databáze obsahuje záznamy cca 1 400 knih vydaných v českých exilových nakladatelstvích v letech 1948–1989 a záznamy statí s literární tematikou v českých exilových časopisech z uvedeného období. Exilové časopisy vycházející dále po roce 1989 jsou excerpovány v databázi Bibliografie české literární vědy. Obsahově se databáze CLE kryje s publikací Františka Knoppa Česká literatura v exilu 1948–1989 (Praha, Makropulos 1996).

Retrospective bibliography – RETROBI

system card index (to 1945)

The RETROBI presentation system, developed with the kind support of the Ministry of Education as part of Project VZ09004, providing access to the digitized Retrospective Bibliography of Czech Literature 1775–1945 card index. The state of excerption can be checked in the database of excerpted journals here. The Retrospective Bibliography of Czech Literature is the largest specialist bibliography in the Czech Republic. The original card index contains approximately 1.75 million excerpts of articles and texts on Czech and world literature and related disciplines (theatre, history, journalism and the like) published in the periodical press during the period concerned in the Czech lands in Czech and German.

Retrospective bibliography – RET

(to 1945)

The preserved database version of the Retrospective Bibliography 1770–1945 (RET database in the ISIS system) contains a transcription of the majority of excerpts from the subject section, i.e. approximately one twentieth of the data available in the RETROBI system. The state of excerption can be checked in the database of excerpted journals here.

Czech Literary Figures – CLF

Biographical database

The CLF database brings together biographical data and information on the professional focus of Czech literary figures from the beginnings of Czech literature to the present through archive research and further excerption. It was created on the basis of the archive collection that started in 2004–2008 to be converted to electronic form under Ministry of Education Grant Project No. 1N04172. During the 2009–2011 period the further development of the database was supported by the Ministry of Education under the INFOZ programme (Project VZ09001).

Database of Literary Awards

This database contains a summary of awards, prize-winners and award panels. It also includes prizes awarded in the Czech Republic. Additions and updates are made to the database on an ongoing basis.

Database of Excerpted Journals

The state of excerption for individual titles can be checked in the database on the basis of individual excerptors and years.