Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography

Who we are

The Czech Literary Bibliography, operating from the Institute of Czech Literature at the Czech Academy of Sciences, a public research institution, is a basic research infrastructure for literary Czech studies and related humanities (e.g. philology, philosophy, history, art history and journalism). Its objective is to process, continuously edit and update and place online a unique set of bibliographical and other knowledge databases, seamlessly mapping out literary events and literary studies in the Czech lands and the circulation of Czech literature abroad from the beginning of the National Revival to the present, regardless of language, format or medium.

All CLB data is available to all users at any time and from anywhere free of charge online in open access mode via the internet. Nowadays the CLB’s activities go far beyond basic database processing. They also include a very broad portfolio of activities ranging from the development and adaptation of software tools for accessing and analysing bibliographical data (tools developed at the CLB are distributed as open source), in-house research involving bibliography (and the preparation of specialized bibliographies), research in digital humanities and the newly established bibliographical data science, other forms of scientific communication (publications, organizing lectures and workshops, etc.), teaching and tutorials for students, especially universities, digitization (especially digitization of card indexes) and PR activities and interaction with user communities. With effect from 2016, the CLB has been included in the Roadmap of Large Research Infrastructures of the Czech Republic for the years 2016-2022.