Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography

ALKARO – Almanacs, Calendars, and Yearbooks in the Czech Lands 1801–1945

The project aims to go through, catalogue, and research a special category of periodicals which includes almanacs, calendars, and yearbooks and thus complete the series of Česká retrospektivní bibliografie (Czech Retrospective Bibliography), which documents periodicals published in the Czech lands until 1945. Making this rich material available to both the general public and specialists in the field will support further research. The project has a wide scope, including the following:

(a) compiling and publishing bibliographic indexes which trace this type of literary production in the Czech lands between 1801 and 1945;

(b) publishing a collective monograph that will assess the importance of almanacs, calendars, and yearbooks as documents that bear witness to the multifaceted educational and aesthetic development of the society at a particular period;

(c) drawing up hitherto non-existent comprehensive bibliographic guidelines for almanacs, calendars, and yearbooks;

(d) compiling a bibliographic database that will contain all almanacs, calendars, and yearbooks published in the period of 1801–1945 and link them to the digitised resources;

(e) compiling a specialised bibliographic database that will catalogue the specific content of literary and cultural almanacs, as well as a selection of calendars and yearbooks;

(f) presenting calendars and almanacs through exhibitions and exhibition catalogues;

(g) digital preservation of the rarest documents and those at greatest risk of damage; (h) examining the state of paper decay by looking into selected series of almanacs, calendars, and yearbooks.

Title:ALKARO – Almanacs, Calendars, and Yearbooks in the Czech Lands 1801–1945
Identification Code:DH23P03OVV013
Project Duration:1. 3. 2023 – 31. 12. 2027
Investigator ICL:Mgr. Vojtěch Malínek, Ph.D.
Investigating team:Mgr. Lucie Halabrínová, Mgr. Lucie Maršíková, Mgr. Iveta Mikešová, Mgr. Vendula Trnková, Mgr. Jana Vargová
Partners:Moravian Library (coordinator)
Charles University, Faculty of Arts
Grant provider:Ministry of Culture Czech Republic
Programme NAKI III – Programme to Support Applied Research in the Area of the National and Cultural Identity for the Years 2023 to 2030
Project website – Moravian Library (coordinator)