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Czech Literary Exile 1948–1989

A joint undertaking of the Institute of Czech Literature, CAS and the Museum of Czech Literature, this project aims to explore Czech literary exile, one of the most significant in-fluences on Czech national and cultural identity in the second half of the 20th century.

To this end, it will build on past research and be supported by multiple archives and library collections. Having assessed current needs in the field, we will develop bibliographic infrastructure for further research in the form of a special database on this topic. At the same time, eleven key archival collections will be recorded and made publicly available. Individual mono-graphs will be prepared about Jan Vladislav and Josef Škvorecký, two important voices in the literature of exile. Drawing on the groundbreaking „Authentic“ project, which collected rare footage about central figures and institutions in the literary life of multiple generations of Czech exiles, we will perform supplementary research to produce a historic audiovisual documentary. The geographical distribution of key exile institutions and periodicals will be depicted in a special interactive map.

In order to highlight the phenomenon of exile for specialists, our research team will also prepare a representative exhibition. Featuring a critical catalogue, this show will capture key moments in the history of post-war literary exile and profile its most significant perso-nalities, institutions and works. An important outcome of this project will be the systematic digitisation and greater accessibility of unique archival collections, especially the resources of the Museum of Czech Literature. Our work will also enable the collection and use of testimonies from witnesses whose input might soon otherwise be irretrievably lost; in this respect, it resembles „rescue research”, which seeks to preserve vanishing memories for future generations.

Title:Czech Literary Exile 1948–1989
Identification Code:DH23P03OVV011
Project Duration:1. 3. 2023 – 31. 12. 2027
Investigator:Mgr. Gabriela Romanová
Investigating team:PhDr. Eduard Burget, Ph.D., Bc. Nikola Dlabajová, Mgr. Anna Gnot, Ph.D., Mgr. Michal Jareš, Ph.D., Mgr. Renáta Malá, Mgr. Dominik Melichar, Mgr. Pavel Nevyhoštěný, PhDr. Michal Přibáň, Ph.D., Daniel Řehák
Partner:Museum of Czech Literature
Grant provider:Ministry of Culture Czech Republic
Programme NAKI III – Programme to Support Applied Research in the Area of the National and Cultural Identity for the Years 2023 to 2030