Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography

Czech Literature of Exile Bibliography

Number of records:10,000+
Number of titles:approx. 40 magazines, 1600+ books
List of processed journals (xlsx)
Scope:Czech literature (excluding original fiction)
Materials: Czech Literature (secondary literature)
Time frame: 1948–1989
Languages: Czech, Slovak
How to cite the Czech Literature of Exile Bibliography: Czech Literary Bibliography. Czech Literature of Exile Bibliography. Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences, v. v. i. Available at: https://exil.ucl.cas.cz/
Access to database (Aleph):http://aleph.ucl.cas.cz/exil
Dataset To Download:https://clb.ucl.cas.cz/en/datasets-to-download/
License:CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International

Database description

The Czech Literature of Exile Database contains records of approx. 1600 books released by Czech publishers in exile between 1948 and 1989. In addition, there are entries for approx. 7500 articles on literary themes that appeared in Czech émigré magazines during this period. Émigré magazines published after 1989 are listed in the current bibliography database. The database draws on František Knopp’s Česká literatura v exilu 1948–1989 (Czech Literature of Exile, Prague: Makropulos, 1996). While there are currently no efforts to add new entries, this resource is constantly being developed and updated to include new findings (decoding of initialisms, etc). Records have been compiled in line with general CLB standards. The sole distinguishing feature for émigré publications is the inclusion of the place of publication immediately after the title.

Česká literatura v exilu 1948–1989