Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography

Time line

Emanuel Macek started working at the Institute of Czech Literature, subsequently becoming the long-term head of its Bibliographical Department and the policy-maker for what is now the Retrospective Bibliography of Czech Literary Studies as a general retrospective literary studies bibliography for the period from the first stirrings of the National Revival to 1945. He is the author of the following bibliographies amongst others: 

  • 1964 Bibliography of Czech Literary Studies 1945–1955 
  • 1964 Czech Literary Studies 1962 
  • 1969 Czech Fiction and Literary Studies Bibliography

Olga Balášová, Miroslav Laiske, Emanuel Macek and Jaroslav Nečas compiled for publication Bibliography of Czech Literary Studies. 1945–1955: works on Czech literature, recording literary studies book publication and articles.

The annual bibliographical anthology  Czech Literary Studies  1962 was brought out under the editorship of Václav Brouček, Jaromír Jedlička, Boris Mědílek and Emanuel Macek. In subsequent years annual anthologies came out throughout the 1961–1980 period.  The last of these, for 1980, was published in 1992.

After the ICL was transformed into the Institute for Czech and World Literature in the 1970s and 1980s, bibliographies of Slav and Western literatures were compiled in the following series: Czech Literary Studies. Slavic literature 1971–1975 (1971–1990), Czech Literary Studies, Non-Slavic literatures 1974–1982 (1975–1990), Bibliography of Literary Studies of Western Literature in the Czech Press 1970–1973 (1972–1975).

From 1990 the Czech Literary Bibliography was one of the first in the Czech Republic to be processed using the CD/ISIS database system.

As part of the Objective information thesaurus of the general literary, scholarly and social existence of Czech national culture 1770–1945  project, a transcription was made of part of the Retrospective Bibliography in index card format.

The CLB historical databases underwent conversion from the CDS/ISIS proprietary system to the Aleph system. This also involved the conversion of seven sub-databases containing almost 430,000 records.

With the launch of the Czech Literary Internet project a Literary Internet Bibliography team was set up at the CLB, and the CLB databases were expanded to include this field.

Within the DARIAH-ERIC  Consortium under the coordination of the Polish Literary Bibliography and the CLB  a  Bibliographical Data Working Group was established.