Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography

Czech Literary Web Bibliography

Number of records: 63,500+ (as of 1 May 2024)
Number of titles: 90+ e-resources (as of 1 May 2024)
List of processed journals (xlsx)
Scope: all of Czech literature (fiction and secondary literature)
Materials:online periodicals and websites dedicated to literature and culture; news sites, online versions of print journals
Time frame: from the 1990s to the present day
Languages:Czech, Slovak, German, English, Polish, French
How to cite the Czech Literary Web Bibliography: Czech Literary Bibliography. Czech Literary Web Bibliography. Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences, a public research institution. Available at https://internet.ucl.cas.cz/
Access to database (Aleph):http://aleph.ucl.cas.cz/internet
Dataset To Download:https://clb.ucl.cas.cz/en/datasets-to-download/
License:CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International

Database description

The Czech Literary Web Database is one of the products of the Czech Literary Internet project (2017–2021), which has been co-funded by the EU Research, Development and Education Operational Programme (RDEOP). The goal of this analysis of e-resources is to map the presence of Czech literature and literary activities on the Czech internet from the 1990s to the present day. Over the course of the project, the record base has grown gradually in line with the involvement of more of our researchers and the expansion of the digital environment (with, for example, the ending of some print magazines and continuation of their online versions). Another important driver is the rise in archiving options. When the project is completed, the database’s development should be ongoing with continuous updates to include the latest content as part of routine CLB operations.

The database contains entries for online magazines in pdf format and relevant websites. These e-resources have been chosen based on their focus and content, which should address Czech literature and literary culture. Their sources include news and literary websites, periodicals that publish original work, the online versions of print dailies and magazines, and academic and library journals.

Another important criterion for inclusion is the existence of an archived version of the resource, preferably at the site Webarchiv.cz, which was established by the Czech National Library. Online content preservation is now a key issue for bibliographers of Internet materials since it is the only way to ensure the continued accessibility of these resources if their host websites shut down. To improve user services and facilitate working with these items, we have developed a separate database known as “INT” for users working with Czech literary web content. These entries can also be accessed through the search page of the main CLB database. E-resource records are identified by the tag[online] after the item’s title (e.g. Ikaros [online]) with links to current online and, if possible, archived versions. All these titles can also be found in the Database of Recorded Periodicals where you can check whether an entire website or only limited content (e.g. a column, section, etc.) has been recorded.