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First year of the ALKARO project behind us

One year ago, one of the CLB teams started work on the project “ALKARO – Almanacs, Calendars, and Yearbooks in the Czech Lands 1801–1945” and the first bibliographic data related to the content of 19th century calendars been entered into our databases.

The ALKARO database now contains almost 5,000 records of Czech and international fiction (including small genres such as anecdotes, cartoons, riddles and proverbs), literary and theatre criticism, secondary sources on literature or related subjects, and other texts mapping cultural and social life of the relevant period. Our excerptors have already finished general, humor, Jewish, Catholic, regional, German, and women’s calendars. You’ll probably appreciate that all records include a link to the full texts.

We are working on this five-year project together with the Moravian Library and the Faculty of Arts of Charles University thanks to the support from the NAKI III Programme of the Ministry of Culture.