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Memento crossing the boundaries of time

27 January is an internationally recognised occasion to commemorate the approximately six million murdered Jews and other victims of Nazism. One way to honor their memory could be to recall the fate of the survivors.

These, too, are present in the records of our databases. This time we select the story of the Israeli-Czech writer Eva Erbenová, whose mother died in April 1945 during the death march:

My mother closed her eyes, held me close to her and whispered, ‘I’m sorry, Eva, but I have to leave you.’ Then she kissed me and looked at me. I don’t think she saw me anymore. When I looked into her eyes that I loved so much, all I saw was death.

In our databases you can find not only the record of the article in which Lucie Korcová writes about Eva Erbenová’s book, but also other literary texts dealing with the Holocaust and the experience of the Second World War.

Plaque placed in front of the entrance to the memorial, opened on the site of the former Auschwitz I concentration camp.