Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography

Videos from the workshop ‘Czech Literary Bibliography – Czech Literary Internet: Data, Analysis, Research’

At the end of April, the final workshop of the project ‘Czech Literary Internet: Data, Analysis, Research’ took place. Videos of lectures by all presenters (V. Malínek, P. Hartmanová, K. Piorecký, J. Trávníček) have been uploaded on the ICL YouTube channel. Video recordings are also archived on the CLB website (together with other outputs of the CLB staff).

The individual presentations provide essential information about the course of the project, the research issues addressed (reading in the digital age and literature on the Internet) and the specifics of processing a literary bibliography in the Czech Internet environment:

Vojtěch Malínek: Czech Literary Internet Project

Pavla Hartmanová: Analytical Bibliography of CLI – Challenges and Outputs

Karel Piorecký: From Artificial Intelligence to Instagram. Several Insights into Digital Literature and Culture

Jiří Trávníček: Digital Reading versus Traditional Reading

Vojtěch Malínek: Statistical and Analytical Module