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Daniel Řehák at the conference on the anniversary of Jaroslav Hašek

The Faculty of Humanities of Charles University will hold a conference on the occasion of Jaroslav Hašek’s double jubilee on June 5–6, 2023. The two-day event, entitled Jaroslav Hašek in Philosophical, Literary and Historical Contexts, will take place in Lipnice nad Sázavou and aims to open up a space for interdisciplinary overlaps, especially the dialogue between philosophy, literary studies, translation and history.

The papers will present research outputs, proposals for interpretive perspectives, and experiences with the translation and reception of Hašek’s work in different linguistic and cultural contexts.

Daniel Řehák from the Biographical Archive Section of the CLB will also contribute to the conference programme on Monday, June 5. In his lecture entitled Not to be polite (Hašek and Peroutka in humour and in the world), he will try to clarify the connections between the life and work of the writer Jaroslav Hašek and the journalist Ferdinand Peroutka with regard to their mutual encounters and passing. The paper will outline their common social circles, the disparity of their relationship to Russia and Russian culture on the example of A. P. Chekhov and the dissimilarity of their personal problems. It will also analyse the influence of Jaroslav Hašek on Peroutka and the significance of Peroutka’s suppression of this influence.