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PORÓWNANIA: Czech Literature in the Central European Context

Karel Piorecký and Vojtěch Malínek wrote an article on the Czech literary culture in the (post)digital era that has been published in the new issue of the Polish comparative magazine Porównania. The authors focused on the current issues of the transformation of literary life and operation, namely the issue of remediation related to the arrival of the Internet, new technologies, and thus new ways of literary production and communication.

The above-mentioned article is one of five texts on the Czech literature that might serve as an insight into contemporary literary, poetic, and dramatic works as well as into one of the essential areas of literary life. Although the contributions more or less open the topic of Central European space, it is quite evident that they state that, despite similar historical experience and spatial proximity, Czech literary production does not significantly reflect its neighbours and is rather absorbed by its own themes and issues.

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