Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography

Using and citing the CLB for study purposes

Are you planning to write a term paper, thesis or dissertation this year? To mark the start of the new semester, we would like to remind you that you can search for sources for your written work in our databases easily and free of charge.

However, we also ask you to properly indicate your use of the CLB research infrastructure, which should take the following form:

  • During the work on this text [study/book/…], use was made of Czech Literary Bibliography resources/services (ORJ identifier: 90243).

Why is the dedication so important? All resources of the Czech Literary Bibliography are available to users in open-access mode. The number of dedications in both professional and lay publications allows us to monitor how our tools are used, and also demonstrates the relevance of the CLB in various evaluations and grant projects, allowing us to further develop and improve our services for end-users.

For more information on the proper citation of the CLB (including examples of specific dedications), please visit https://clb.ucl.cas.cz/en/how-to-cite-the-clb/.