Biographical Archive

The Biographical Archive comprises a collection of documents on Czech literary figures that has been brought together at the ICL since the 1960s, primarily as part of lexicographical work. It also includes excerpts, cuttings and biographical material (questionnaires, correspondence and the like). Since 1990, additions have been made on an ongoing basis and the information has been verified at archives, registraries and the like. The archive files form the basis for the Biographical Database of Czech Literary Figures, with its basic biographical data, pseudonyms, initialisms and areas of activity. This database started to be converted to electronic form (available here) in 2004–2008 under Ministry of Education Grant Project No.  1N04172. It continued to be supplemented and made available online over the next few years; further development of the database was supported for the 2009–2011 period by the Ministry of Education under the INFOZ programme (Projekt VZ09001).