Retrospective Bibliography

The card index contains approximately 1.75 million annotated records from literary and cultural journals that have come out in Czech and German in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (approximately 500 periodical titles). These excerpts contain not only reactions to Czech literary output during the period in question, but also primary works (journal contributions by authors and translators), reviews of foreign literature, references to photography and depictions of Czech writers in the press, references to subjects (i.e. not to individuals) and contributions published under pseudonyms and initialisms by hitherto unidentified authors. It comprises sections on authors, references, subjects, icon authors and icon references. Under Ministry of Education grant no. VZ09004 the card catalogue was made available in scanned format here. The subject section of the Retrospective Bibliography (with over 90,000 entries) has been transcribed in the past to the electronic bibliographical database. However, this transcription was only partially completed, and is currently available as the RET database here.