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Cultural opposition media in Czechoslovakia

(INTER-COST /Ministry of Education/; 2018–2021; Principal Investigator Jan Matonoha)

The aim of the project entitled Cultural opposition media in Czechoslovakia is to develop research activities to meet the objectives of the pan-European COST NEP4DISSENT. New Exploratory Phase in Research on East European Cultures of Dissent. Its aim is to initiate a groundbreaking new stage of cultural dissent research and to create a platform for  interconnected, supranational and multidisciplinary research, with the emphasis on innovative and effective dissemination of the research results and collaboration with other relevant experts and practitioners.

 The Czech research team, consisting of representatives from three CAS institutes (the Institute for Czech Literature, Institute of Philosophy and the Institute for Contemporary History), is fully involved in COST activities, and in line with the focus of the  INTER-COST subprogramme, integrates the Cultural opposition media in Czechoslovakia joint research project  into NEP4DISSENT events. Within this framework it focuses on research into the intellectual history, particularly of the period known as normalization in Czechoslovakia. Its focus is on research and interpretation of independent literary, cultural and intellectual activities including their changes, various forms and interactions both with each other and with the changing political situation, official discourse and ruling ideology. Interdisciplinary cooperation within the social sciences at the national level and mutual enhancement of Czech research and that of other European participants in the COST event will bring valuable new momentum to research into cultural dissent. At the same time, it will contribute to a better specialist  reflection of this phenomenon, which at a European level has hitherto been neglected to some extent in the domestic scholarly milieu.