Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography

Towards a Bibliographical Database of Czech Fiction in Translation

The project aims at designing, piloting and publishing a database of book translations of Czech literature into foreign languages. Unlike many other European countries, such a database is missing in the Czech context.

The project will standardise and publish the existing internal database of translations of Czech literature. Based on multiple data sources, the current form of the database is overly heterogeneous and requires cleaning and standardisation before publishing. A unified bibliographic entry will be designed in line with MARC21 standard, a digitally compatible format suitable for digital literary research and open access publication. The records will be manually checked, amended, and enriched to include the correct target language, source title and other relevant information.

The database will be published via the Czech Literary Bibliography portal and made accessible through the VuFind discovery system. Despite being a partial database, it nevertheless represents a significant stepping stone. Further additions are envisaged.

The project is an activity supported by the Memory in the Digital Age research programme, which is part of the Czech Academy of Sciences AV21 Strategy grant scheme.

Grant provider:Czech Academy of Sciences
Project duration:1. 1. 2021 – 31. 12. 2021
Investigator:Mgr. Ondřej Vimr, Ph.D.
Links:Memory in the Digital Age research programme
Strategy AV21