Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography

Literary Internet Bibliography team

The Literary Internet Bibliography team was formed as part of the Czech Literary Internet project (2017–2021), which is co-funded by the EU Research, Development and Education Operational Programme (RDEOP). Its aim is to chart literary activities on the Czech internet from the 1990s to the present, focusing on electronic sources, Czech pdfs and magazines online and websites dealing with Czech literary culture and literature. The output of its activities is then for the most part the Czech Literary Internet Bibliography. The team dealing with the literary internet is made up of both temporary staff and above all experienced bibliographers also dealing with contemporary printed output. An important part of the team’s activities also involves the development and ongoing implementation of procedures for processing internet content for specialist analytical bibliography requirements. This has hitherto been lacking both at a national level and within the profession.

In this regard the team collaborates in particular with colleagues from its counterpart Polish Literary Bibliography. The output of this cooperation includes two studies on the methodological aspects of bibliographical treatment of material available online, presented initially in the form of contributions to international conferences (in Prague  and Turin) and subsequently published in relevant specialist journals(e.g. Grey Journal and Česká literatura).

Team leader: Mgr. Pavla Hartmanová, Ph.D.

Contact address: bibint@ucl.cas.cz