Česká literární bibliografie Czech Literary Bibliography


The Czech Literary Bibliography staff welcomes crowdsourced efforts to improve our datasets.

The easiest way to assist is to transcribe Retrospective Bibliography index cards in the RETROBI system. This task may be done by any registered user. Users fill in information that is missing from handwritten cards or correct mistakes on cards with poor-quality OCR. Transcribed data are immediately available for all user searches, thus improving our database performance. The data may also be used for additional machine processing to improve card segmentation. This, in turn, enables more detailed conversions into structured database records.

Another way to help out is to prepare a bibliographic dataset as a CLB resource. This should ideally be done based on a prior agreement. Depending on the dataset’s structure and quality, it may be incorporated into the CLB databases. For more information, please contact clb@ucl.cas.cz.